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Exercise One
Listen to the following texts and then reproduce in the same language at the end of each segement:

Text 1.1

Mr Governor, Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is my great pleasure to be invited to attend the Guangdong Governor’s International Advisory Council Meeting.//

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight our report to the Governor and share with you our view on the role of telecommunications and information infrastructure (ICT) in the economic development.//

International experience suggests that Information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and services can have a substantial impact on the competitiveness of firms, nations, and regions. The most important impact of ICT does not come from manufacturing ICT goods, but from investing in and using ICT infrastructure and services.//

According to the ITU, global telecommunications services sales reached US$ 1.1 trillion in 2002, more than three times the value of telecommunications equipment sales of US$335 billion. The value created by use of telecommunications services is estimated to be far higher than the total services revenue. Thus investment in ICT infrastructure creates value many times that of the investment itself. //

Firm level studies show that ICT investments help firms gain competitiveness through improved efficiency, reduced inventories, better designs, and faster rates of innovation. ICT allows firms to increase the efficiency of their business processes by decreasing procurement and transaction costs, improving accounting and control, enhancing management systems, and streamlining their supply chains.//

Several studies also indicate that ICT is a key driver of productivity and growth. There are several distinctive features of ICT that make them particularly important to national and regional economies, which include the pervasive and cross-cutting nature of ICT, the low or declining marginal costs of using the technologies, the ability to foster efficiency gains through streamlining supply chains, the facilitation of the creation of entirely new business models and industries, and the global nature of ICT.//

All of these characteristics imply that ICT can have an important impact on competitiveness and economic development.//

Text 1.2

我很高兴参加2001’国际投资论坛。我愿意借此机会,向大家介绍一下中国加入WTO 谈判和对外开放的有关情况。//

15 年“复关”和加入WTO 的马拉松谈判到今天应该说已经到了最后阶段。继1999 年11 月中美达成双边协议,2000 年5 月中欧达成双边协议后,中国加入WTO 进程加快,截止2000 年9 月,除墨西哥外,双边谈判已经基本结束。墨方曾多次表示即使不能达成协议, 也不会影响中国加入WTO 的进程。//

自2000 年6、7 月起,我国加入WTO 转入多边谈判,中国与WTO 成员就中国加入WTO 的多边法律文件(包括议定书及附件和工作组报告书)进行了磋商,谈判取得了重要进展。//

今年6 月初上海APEC 贸易部长会议期间,我部石广生部长与美国贸易代表佐立克就我国加入WTO 多边谈判的主要遗留问题进行了磋商,并达成了全面共识。接着,石部长又率团赴欧盟与欧盟贸易委员拉米就中国加入WTO 的有关问题进行了建设性的磋商,也达成了全面共识,从而为中国在年内加入WTO 创造了重要条件。//

今年6 月和7 月分别召开的WTO 第16、17 次工作组通过了我加入WTO 的议定书草案和工作组报告书草案的最后案文,下周将举行WTO 工作组第18 次会议,宣布WTO 中国工作组结束工作,将上述文件提交WTO 成员审批后,于11 月送WTO 总理事会或部长级会议通过。//




Exercise Two

Instruction: Listen to the following texts once, then start interpreting at the end of each segement.

Text 2.1

Each of you is a witness to that potential, in what you have learned and achieved here, and in your own hopes for the future. Twenty years ago, almost to the day, President Ronald Reagan spoke at this university and expressed the essence of economic and political freedom. // It is based, he said, on a belief in the dignity of each man, woman , and child. Free institutions, he said, reflect, in appreciation of the special genius of each individual, and of his special right to make his own decisions and lead his own life.//

Compared to President Nixon’s, or even President Reagan’s day, many Chinese citizens are now freer to make their own ways in life –to choose careers, to acquire property, and to travel. And across this land are many millions of young people just like you, with their own abilities and their own expectations of a better life for themselves, their families and their country.//

On the path of reform that began a quarter-century ago, the Chinese people have make great strides. Over the past twenty-five years, China’s rapid and sustained economic growth has lifted the living standards of many citizens and raised China into the ranks of the world’s largest economies.// You have reduced poverty, and in recent years, have consistently reported high economic growth rates. This dramatic economic progress shows what is possible when governments leave more decision-making power in the hands of private enterprises and individuals above all, it is a tribute to the Chinese citizens whose talents and daily efforts are making this a vibrant modern economy. //
在始于25 年前的改革道路上,中国人民取得了长足的进展。25 年来,中国经济持续快速增长,提高了许多公民的生活水平,使中国跻身于世界最大经济体的行列。贵国减少了贫困,近年来始终保持高经济增长率。这种种巨大的经济成就表明,政府允许私营企业和个人享有更多的决策权能带来什么样的变化。归根结底,这是对中国公民的一曲颂歌。正是由于中国公民的聪明才智和日复一日的辛勤劳动,中国现代化经济才能如此生机勃勃。

China’s economic success has also come about through far greater integration into the world economy. In the last two decades, your country has emerged as a major exporter of all kinds of manufactured goods, from heavy machinery, to computers, to toys. // China has gained enormously from access to foreign markets. Its development has also been fed by vast inflows of investment capital –over 50 billion dollars last year alone –and by imports of foreign technology, and the ever-increasing quantities of energy and raw materials necessary to sustain growth. //
中国经济取得的成就也是更大程度融入世界经济的结果。过去20 年来,贵国已经成为各类制造业产品的出口大国,从重型机械、电脑到玩具应有尽有。中国产品进入外国市场, 因此获得巨大的利益。中国的发展还因外来投资大量涌入──仅去年一年,外来投资已超过五百亿美元──及吸收外国技术和获得持续增长所需的源源不绝的能源和原材料供应获得动力。

China’s progress is part of a much wider story. So many of the great nations of Asia began the 20th Century ruled by colonial powers, or by dynasty, or bitterly divided by civil strife. And throughout that century, ideologies of violence and malice took hold in Asia, as they did in Europe, and caused terrible harm and grief. Now the people of Asia are writing a different chapter. Great nations in this region have entered the 21st Century as independent peoples, growing in prosperity and individual freedom. //

(2004 年4 月15 日,美国副总统Dick Cheney 在复旦大学的演讲,节选)

Text 2.2.

Party Secretary Zhang , Governor Huang , Ladies and Gentlemen. Good morning. Thank you for inviting BP to contribute once again to the discussions of the Advisory Board.//
张书记、黄省长,女士们、先生们, 早上好。感谢你们再次邀请BP 公司参加广东省长国际顾问委员会的讨论。

It has been a fascinating experience for us to be a part of the extraordinary growth and development of Guangdong over the last few years. This is a province that has become a leader in many respects //
过去数年中,BP 公司成为广东经济超高速增长和超常发展中的部分,对此我们深感荣幸。广东是一个在众多领域都居于领先地位的省份:

– leading China in a range of industries, from electronics to plastics, watches to footwear;
– leading the programme of reform and openness to world markets; and
– leading in economic growth, with the Pearl River Delta being the fastest growing part of the fastest growing Province in the fastest growing large economy in the world. //

So the question now is this. What next for Guangdong? How can we build on this success? Can we recreate the economic miracle of the last two decades in the years ahead? These questions are addressed in a paper which we are presenting to the Advisory Board today.//
因此,我们今天面临的问题是:广东未来迈向何方?如何才能够继往开来?我们能否再创过去20 年的经济奇迹?

We have commissioned the paper from Professor Michael Enright, who is a world authority on competitiveness, and who has spent seven years studying the economy of the Pearl River Delta.//
在我们今天向顾问委员会提交的报告中,对这些问题进行了探讨。该报告是我们委托米高.恩莱特教授完成的。恩莱特教授是一位研究竞争力的世界级权威人士,过去7 年来,他一直在研究珠江三角洲的经济发展状况。

The report describes Guangdong as an economy that has been completely transformed in a little over two decades, but where officials, managers and employees are not satisfied to rest on their laurels and where there is a realisation that additional work is needed if the Province is to continue its phenomenal growth.//
该报告认为,广东是一个在20 年稍多一点的时间就完成了彻底转型的经济体,然而, 当地的官员、管理人员和雇员们却不满足于已取得的成就,他们认识到,如果广东要继续保持其超常的发展轨迹,就必须付出更多的劳动,必须额外努力。

Two overall messages come through clearly. The first is that some of this additional work needs to be radical in its nature. There comes a point in the growth of any organisation or region when future development cannot be secured simply by ‘more of the same’. New approaches, new solutions and new thinking are required.//

This is the case, for example, when a manufacturing company has reached the limits of its capacity. It has to invest in new plant if it is to continue growing strongly. // This was the case for BP a few years ago - our established oil and gas fields had become mature, and we needed to discover new ones in order to maintain strong growth.//Similarly for Guangdong Province. The record has been a proud one, but now new engines of growth are needed for the future.//
例如,当一家制造厂达到其生产能力的极限时,就需要投资建设新的厂房,以便维持快速发展。这也是BP 在几年前遇到的情况——我们原有的油田和天然气田进入开发后期,因而需要开发新的油气田来维持强劲的增长。广东也是如此。毫无疑问,广东过去的成就是辉煌的,但现在需要为未来的增长寻找新的动力。

The second general message is that future growth must be ‘sustainable’–which means ensuring that Guangdong has the business environment, workforce and external relationships to sustain its prosperity long term. //

So keeping those two principles in mind, let me pick out some of the main priorities. First, the role of cities. Guangdong is a beneficiary of globalisation, and as the globalisation writer Saskia Sassen puts it: “The work of globalisation goes on in cities.”//

Nowhere is that more true than in Guangdong, where people have poured into the major cities over the past two decades. Guanzhou alone is now home to nearly 10 million people. With China’s accession to the WTO and improvements in agricultural efficiency, many more people are bound to move from the country to the city in the next few years. //
这句话尤其适用于广东。在这片土地上,过去20 年来人们像潮水般涌入大城市。现在的广州已经是近千万人口的家园。随着中国加入WTO 和农村生产效率的提升,未来数年必将有更多人口从农村进入城市。

But cities are not merely dormitories. They are complex social and economic organisms. And if cities are to be engines of growth, they require good planning and high quality services. For a healthy and motivated workforce, strong public services are required, such as education, health care, housing and transportation. And for competitive enterprises, good business services are required, such as financial, professional and communication services.//
但城市并不仅仅是宿舍。它们更是复杂的社会和经济机体。如果城市要成为经济增长的动力,就需要进行良好的规划和提供高质量的服务。对于一支健康向上的劳工队伍而言,需要城市提供良好的公共服务,如教育、医疗保健、住房和交通。对于有竞争力的企业而言, 需要城市提供良好的商业服务,如金融服务、专业服务和通讯服务。

In Guangdong, we need to ensure that the planning of cities anticipates population growth rather than falling behind it.// In Guangzhou, in particular, such a change is being made, with the movement of factories to the edge of town, the development of residential communities and the redevelopment of the centre. This is a massive undertaking and shows a vision for the cities of tomorrow and serves as a role model for other cities.//
在广东,我们需要确保城市规划超前于人口的增长,而不是落后于人口的增长。对广州而言,这种变化正在发生之中。这里的工厂正向城市的外围搬迁,居民区正被大量开发, 市区中心正在二次开发。这既是一个规模宏大的进程,又展现了未来城市的前瞻力,还为其他城市的发展提供了样板。

((BP 公司执行董事、首席财务官高拜伦博士在广东省长国际咨询会议上的发言2003 年11 月3 日,节选)

Text 2.3


今年在SARS 爆发期间,我想到了学生们,非常关心他们,然后我又想从他们身上可以得到一些力量,这就是为什麽当时我到了清华大学和他们共进午餐,同时我也到了北京大学和他们交谈,在图书馆里面和他们交谈,在那个时候,你也许感受不到我们所处的气氛,但是就是这些年轻人还是那样的乐观,他们憧憬着美丽的将来。// 他们和我说,人们喜欢说,当树叶出叶的时候,整棵树都是绿的。他们都希望作为树上的叶子,他就问我,总理,这棵大树上你喜欢成为这棵树的哪一部分?我马上就回答说,我也是其中一片叶子,就像你们一样。// 作为一个演讲者,首先听演讲的人要知道他是一个什么人,这样才可以彼此交心。//
I like young people very much. Because young people are always so energetic and they have the least conservative ideas, and they represent the future of our world. And this year during the outbreak of the SARS epidemic, I thought about the students. I cared a lot for them, and I wanted to gain strength from them. So that was why I went to our Tsinghua University to have lunch with them. And also I went to Beijing University and I had a chat with the students in the library. At that time probably you could not have imagined what an atmosphere we were in, but I felt that the young people were as hopeful as ever. They always dream about a beautiful future. They pointed to the trees outside the window and said to me, "People like to say that when all the leaves grow, when the tree becomes green all over, this crisis will be over. And they also said that they would all rather be the green leaves themselves, and they asked me, Premier, in this big tree, which part of the tree are you? I immediately replied, "I'm also one of the leaves like you." As the speaker today, of course I think I need to explain myself a little bit to my audience, and I owe you this because in this way we can have a heart-to-heart discussion.

大家知道,我出身在一个教师的家庭,我的童年是在战火中度过的,我没有在座的同学们那样一个美好的童年,在日本侵略者用刺刀把人们赶到广场的时候,我曾经依偎在妈妈身边,後来战火无情的烧掉了我的全家,连我祖父在农村办的那所小学,我的工作大部分时间都是在中国最艰苦的地方度过的。// 因此,我对我的国家,对我的人民,了解的深,爱的深。//
As you know, as you probably know, I'm the son of a schoolteacher. I spent my childhood mostly in the smoke and fire of war. I was not as fortunate as you as a child. When Japanese aggressors drove all the people in my place to the Central Plaza, I had to huddle closely against my mother. Later on, my whole family and house were all burned up, and even the primary school that my grandpa built himself all went up in flames. In my work life, most of the time I worked in areas under the most harsh conditions in China. Therefore I know my country and my people quite well and I love them so deeply.

(2003 年12 月10 日温家宝总理在美国哈佛大学的演讲“将目光投向中国”,节选)

Text 2.4

在美丽的金秋时节,我很高兴能在既古老神秘又充满现代活力的古都西安,迎来参加"2001.中国西部论坛"的各位嘉宾。// 借此机会,我愿意就加入世贸组织后外商投资中国西部的新机遇,向各位嘉宾作一简要介绍,希望进一步促进外商积极参与中国西部大开发,推动广大的西部地区加快经济和社会发展的进程。//
Distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen,
In the golden autumn, I am very happy to welcome the distinguished guests to China West Forum 2001 in the ancient capital Xi'an, an age-old and mysterious city full of dynamism of the modern era. Taking this opportunity, I would like to brief you on the new opportunities for foreign investment in the west after China joins the WTO. I hope that foreign businesspeople could take part in the development of western regions more actively to advance the economic and social development of the vast western areas.

中国恢复关贸总协定缔约国地位和加入世贸组织已经走过了15 年历程。15 年的沧桑变化,已经深深印在中国人的记忆之中,并且也为每一位关心和支持中国现代化事业的外国朋友所见证。值得欣慰的是,近年来,在有关各方的共同努力下,中国加入世贸组织的进程明显加快//
Ladies and gentlemen,
China has gone through a journey of 15 years in order to first resume the contracting party status in GATT and later to enter the WTO. The twists and turns over the past 15 years have been deeply embedded in the minds of the Chinese people and witnessed by each and every foreign friend who cares for and supports China's cause of modernization. However, it is a comfort to see that China's accession to the WTO has been noticeably accelerated with the concerted efforts of various relevant parties over recent years.

今年5 月和6 月,中国先后同美国、欧盟就中国加入世贸组织多边谈判的遗留问题进行磋商,并达成了全面共识。7 月初和7 月中旬,世贸组织第16 次和第17 次中国工作组会议, 结束了中国加入世贸组织的实质性谈判,完成了中国加入世贸组织的议定书、中国工作组报告书等多边法律文件的起草工作。// 我相信,9 月召开的第18 次中国工作组会议,将最终通过中国加入世贸组织的所有法律文件,并将这些法律文件提交世贸组织总理事会审议,从而结束中国工作组的工作。// 如无特别情况,今年11 月在卡塔尔多哈举行的世贸组织第四次部长级会议,将正式通过决议,接纳中国成为世贸组织正式成员。经过15 年的艰辛努力, 中国加入世贸组织即将成为现实。//
In May and June this year, China held consultations and reached comprehensive consensus with US and EU on the outstanding issues in the multilateral negotiation of China's WTO accession. In early and mid July, the WTO held the 16th and 17th sessions of the China Working Party Meeting, at which the substantive negotiation on China's WTO entry was concluded with the drafting of the Protocol, Working Party Report and other multilateral legal documents regarding China's WTO accession completed. I believe at the 18th Working Party Meeting to be convened in September, all the legal documents on China's accession will be eventually adopted and submitted to the WTO General Council for review, thus wrapping up the historic mission of the WTO Working Party on China. Hard endeavor of 15 years is about to turn China's entry to the WTO into a reality.

吸收外商直接投资,是中国对外开放基本国策的重要组成部分。二十多年来,随着改革开放逐步深化,中国吸收外资的规模和质量不断提高。// 截至2001 年7 月底,中国累计批准设立的外商投资企业37. 8 万家,合同外资金额7170.1 亿美元,实际使用外资金额3728.3 亿美元。// 今年以来,外商来华直接投资继续保持良好势头。1-7 月,共批准设立外商投资企业1.4 万家,比去年同期增长18.2%;合同外资金额402.9 亿美元,增长45.8%;实际使用外资金额242.1 亿美元,增长21.7%。//
Ladies and gentlemen,
FDI absorption constitutes an important component of China's basic state policy of reform and opening up. As the reform and opening up going into depth over the past two decades and more, China has been constantly improving its FDI utilization in terms of scale and quality. As of the endof July 2001, China had cumulatively approved 378,000 foreign funded enterprises with a contractual value of USD 717.01 billion, of which USD 372.83 billion had been actually paid in. China has maintained a good momentum in its FDI attraction since this year. January through July, 14,000 foreign-invested enterprises were approved to establish, 18.2% higher than the corresponding period of last year, the contractual value of foreign investment grew by 45.8% to USD 40.29 billion and the actually utilized value climbed by 21.7% to USD 24.21 billion.

在中国东部地区吸收外资迅速增长的同时,西部地区吸收外资也取得了明显进展。截至2001 年6 月底,西部地区吸收外商直接投资的项目数、合同外资金额和实际使用外资金额,在全国总量中所占比重分别为7.3%、6%和5.3%。今年1-6 月,西部地区新设立外商投资企业742 家,合同外资19.1 亿美元,实际使用外资7.1 亿美元。// 加入世贸组织,是中国社会主义市场经济发展的内在要求,也顺应了世界经济发展的客观趋势,必将为世界各国和地区同中国开展经济贸易合作提供前所未有的机遇。//
While the FDI absorption of the eastern areas is growing at a rapid speed, the western regions have also made obvious headway in its FDI attraction. Up to the end of June 2001, the project number, contractual value and actually utilized value of FDI in the west accounted for 7.3%, 6% and 5.3% of the national total. In the first 6 months of this year, 742 new foreign invested enterprises were set up in the western regions with the contractual value amounting to USD 1.91 billion and actually utilized value, USD 710 million. Joining the WTO is an inherent requirement of China's development of its socialist market economy which also complies with the objective trend of the world economic progress, and it will bring about unprecedented opportunities to the economic and trade cooperation between China and various countries and regions in the world.

After becoming a member of the WTO, China will open service areas such as banking, insurance, telecommunication, foreign trade, domestic trade, tourism step by step, formulate uniform, standard and transparent investment access policy, intensify efforts to enact and perfect relevant foreign related laws and regulations, improve the level of administration according to law in foreign related economic work, establish and perfect the foreign economic and trade regime consistent with the international prevailing rules and actual situation in China. Foreign business people are facing new development opportunities in making investment in China and participating in the development of western regions.

(Speech at China West Forum 2001--SUN Zhenyu, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation 节选)


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