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about us

Global Bowen Translation Co., Ltd has a selected team with more than 300 translators in it, among these people, the contracted translators who have obtained the international and national authenticate accounted for over 80% of the total number of translators. All the contracted translators of us have accepted excellent language training, they own not only outstanding language abilities, but also rich professional work experience, they fit for translation work of legal, economic, trade, finance, science and technology, architect, medicine, culture and many other fields and professions, the translated languages include English, Japanese, French, Germany, Russian, Korean, Mongolian, Thai, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, etc. With scrupulous attitudes and strict quality management, Global Bowen has outstandingly completed various translation tasks and have got reputations from clients of different industries.

Global Bowen Translation Co., Ltd can handle more than 70 languages worldwide, with the speed of translating 200,000 words in 40 hours. We adopt ISO international standards and advanced flow management and quality monitoring system. We are one of the companies who use translating techniques of TRADOS firstly with the business all over the world. Up to now, we adhere to the principle of "high-quality, efficient, confidential about business and technique secrets”, trying our best to offer service with the highest quality and the fastest speed, so that we gain the praise and support of the customers in social circles and keep a long-term cooperative relationship.
At present, our business is becoming more and more prosperous. Our scale is more and larger. We stand out above the rest. And we believe we can supply you with more excellent translating and interpreting service more vigorously.

Our business is carried out according to the following principles,
• Quality flow
• Customers and partners
• Professional business activities
• Highlight the investment on the development of the staff
• Support different cultures and societies
The studio is equipped with advanced computer processing equipment, such as Office、Photoshop、Freehand、Frame maker、PageMaker、Acrobat、Acrobat Reader、CorelDraw、CAD and other software; many high-quality computers, scanner, printer, CD writer, Wide Band, corporate LAN and etc in order to fulfill the requirements of handling any kind of documents. I




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