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Project Management

The backbone of our company is the people who make up our team, and the key to this backbone lies in our Project Managers and QA engineers.

One Contact Person

Each project entrusted to us is overseen by a project manager (PM) whose first job is to offer the client the service that fits his specific needs and who serves as the contact person with customers. The PM is responsible for managing the project (from preparation to delivery), coordinating the various tasks, ensuring the quality level, scheduling, tracking the progress of the project and reporting to the client, and meeting the deadlines. Additional emphasis is placed upon identifying potential problems before they arise.

As a project manager owned company, Our customers can trust that their same product line or similiar product will be managed by the same project manager of Global Bowen almost forever.

Well Prepared for Every Project

Before a project begins, time is spent on analyzing the scope of the work to be done and preparing the launch. This entails breaking down the structure of the workload in order to detail the tasks to be performed, the resources required and the milestones to be respected. The activities to be performed are classified according to our own project management system, which permits a meticulous follow-up of all tasks, processes, and the resources involved, with the aim of minimizing turnaround time.

Improving Services by Any Means

At the end of the project, we arrange a evaluation meeting (so called sign-off meeting) where we analyze any events that may have arisen during the project, as well as the timing and quality assessments obtained. The main objective of this  meeting is to capitalize on this experience for future projects.

Consistency Within and Between Versions

At the beginning of a project, we define a process to be followed by all team members. This includes the creation of translators guideline, engineering guideline, quality assurance and DTP guideline to ensure all process stand by signal standards. Global Bowen's Terminology Database, SmartTerm, Localization/Translation Style Standards ( based on China National Standards) and Translation Memory tool, help us ensure consistency within and between versions.
In addition, Global Bowen is project managers own company, that means Global Bowen project managers will take care customers, projects almost forever, that will ensure different versions will be charged by the same project manager of Global Bowen.

Improve Quality AND Faster Time to Market

The QA Engineers of QA department will take care of quality assurance ( terminology creation, editing, proofreading, project sign-off, technical experts resource management etc.). All projects will not only be translated by translators who are familiar with what they worked on, but also be edited and proofread by related experts.
We have big in house team and large out resource pool in many technical fields.

We know that time is crucial, the urgent need to launch a product onto the market as soon as possible is typical of the competitive market. Based on our big in house team and large out resource, we can ensure your crucial time requirement at lower cost. Even at project peaks, we can contract enough certified and well trained translators and engineers from CALT (China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology), and contractors will work in our office to ensure project management. ( share TM, receive on site supports and attend daily project meeting).

Our project management system is ideal for developing and controlling projects to ensure that the required performance is achieved.



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